My Story

My name is Santiago Hernández Beltrán, I am 24 years old and I love studying foreign languages. So much so that, despite having only a basic knowledge of English, I went to the United States to pursue a creative writing degree. I chose Orlando because, from what I had heard, Latinos did not have a difficult time adjusting to Florida, which was not the case for me. 

I required some time to adjust to being in an environment where almost no one knew Spanish because, during the majority of my undergraduate studies, all of my classmates and instructors were Americans. I quickly discovered that there are two different kinds of English when I moved: the English that is taught in schools and the English that is spoken in Anglophone nations. As a result, I was surprised to discover how little English I knew when I enrolled at the University of Central Florida. I had to put in twice as much effort as my classmates, and I had to ask my teachers for help all the time. I persevered even though it was not always simple and it seemed like I had made the wrong decision, and I graduated with honors.

I recently earned my master’s in audiovisual translation from the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, which is recognized by the European Union. 

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