The UNE 153010 standard-compliant subtitles are a communication assistance service that supports the social integration of hard-of-hearing people.

SDH enables the spectator who is hard of hearing to comprehend:

  • The dialogues of the people who take part in an audiovisual program, as well as the songs, indicating with colors (yellow, green, cyan, and magenta, in order of relevance) or labels with the names of those who are speaking in each case.
  • Videos for e-learning, corporate videos, conferences, and presentations, among other audiovisual products for film, television, and on-demand platforms.

So, in order to effectively use the numerous subtitling software tools and adhere to the UNE standard and/or each client’s criteria, a subtitler must be able to synthesize, pay close attention to detail, and possess the technical abilities required.

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