The process of creating subtitles starts with syncing or segmenting the content of an audiovisual work. The dialogues that are present in the work must have an entry and exit time and the division must be made following the technical specs (respecting shot changes as much as possible and giving each subtitle enough time). It must also take into account the rhythm of the dialogues and the locution to ensure that the reading of the finished product is as fluid as possible.

The subtitler then translates the subtitles. The goal of the author is to provide subtitles that accurately represent the substance of the original work using written language that has been modified to match the maximum character rate allowed—roughly 20. Because the author must express the tone, pace, and cultural background of each character, the translation must combine a technical component with a creative one. The subtitler frequently uses synced material, though they can sometimes work directly from audiovisual materials.

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