The video game’s translation and localization take care of every aspect required for the product’s introduction in another country. First, the audiovisual elements that make up the game must first be translated. The translator will also be in charge of translating the game’s marketing materials intended for external communication into the target language.

A video game’s localization process several steps, including quality assurance (adhering to  linguistic norms) but also documenting and understanding the concepts that are essential to the videogame narrative.

The first issue that emerges when the translator receives the file is what sets video game localization apart from other types of audiovisual translation: video game localization often works without visual guidance. Since the translation is usually done while the game is still being created, the text is generally written without knowledge of the context of the on-screen image. Developers do, however, occasionally provide feedback or even screenshots. For this reason, this work, unlike others in the sector, entails a more exhaustive task of contextualization, with creativity and imagination.

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